11 Common WordPress Mistakes To Avoid In Your Blog Post

11 Common WordPress Mistakes To Avoid — While creating a WordPress website every one does a mistake. Each mistake helps you to learn something new from it. And when you learn you are able to create a website using the best tools and techniques.

WordPress user starts their website and blogs helps to connect with the audience or the reader. When you learn the tools and techniques you will be able to save time, money and grow your business as well. It is not only for creating blogs but it will help you to create a business world for you and from this, you can help others as well.

So without wasting time let’s check out the 11 Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid!

1. Choosing a Design Before Creating Content

It is one of the main mistakes, we usually design and try to make it look interesting, you must write about the content before choosing the design. Because when you choose the content you will be clear what type of design you want for eg if you are writing about fruits but you choose the design of foods and it may confuse the audience and you may lose the traffic. Your site should display your content in a way that works best for you and your site. If you building a mailing site choose the design according to that.

2. Installing Plugins

Plugins play a vital role and you cant imagine WordPress without a plugin it is worthless. It makes your website user-friendly and appealing at the same time. So it becomes necessary to have a plugin. WordPress offers various plugins to enhance your website.

But installing too many plugins or unnecessary plugins is that one of the mistakes people usually make. Installing too many plugins creates a mess on our website and it also makes your website load slow. To avoid this problem install the plug-in that you actually need.

3. Using Photos With Permission

This is one of the common mistakes among WordPress. If you are a blogger then you know the struggler searching the pic after all those hard time searches finally you post the pic but did you give the credit if not then you are making a mistake.

The image you copied may be copyrighted property belonging to an individual. Don’t just download the pic you see on google. placing such an image without credit may face legal action taken against you. So before you using make sure you take the permission.

4. Not Securing Blog

Any other website people try to hack WordPress as well despite it has the best security. WordPress gets hacked as well. You cant lose the blog you have worked on it and once it is hacked you cant retrieve it back. So make sure that you back up your blog.

And your one mistake is not securing your blog is something that requires lots of hard work. There is various security app to protect your blog. Securing the app has been an important part so the main concern is to protect the blog. Secure and protect the blog.

5. Ignoring The Updates 

WordPress is one of the platforms that continuously updates its site so that bloggers or any people who write the blog doesn’t have to face down slow loading in it. And they know the importance and value of your time. So they keep updating sometimes plugins some time themes and other various stuff.

And many times users feel that WordPress is working well so I don’t need any updates currently and they ignore it. They don’t update because it is time-consuming which is a very false misconception. If a blog owner ignores this the site will open up with a security issue.

6. Not Keeping Track Of The Comments

Many times the readers love your post and they comment and sometimes they criticize as well but they expect the bloggers to read their comments and give them a response because communication is something that keeps your audience hooked with content and it also helps to build a  good rapport with them.

Because no article or blog is successful without communication. To avoid such a mistake you have to add a plugin that will remove the spam in comments. So try to be active and keep an eye on your comment section as well.

 7. Ignoring Mobile Device Users

This is a mistake that can be very annoying to both user and the developer at the same time. People know days work for from mobile because it is portable and work can be done from anywhere. Ignoring the mobile device user means losing a bunch of audiences because people can carry the laptop.

Wherever they go and they work from the laptop it also makes their work easy. So if you are ignoring the mobile device using their curiosity and questionnaire then you are making a huge mistake at the same time so make sure that you don’t ignore WordPress users.

8. Not Choosing The Right WordPress Theme

This is one of the biggest challenges to choose the right theme for WordPress.when you go for the theme you will find out the varieties and many times get confused as well and can’t decide which one to choose because every theme looks so mesmerizing.

Many times people fail to choose the right theme for their WordPress and end up facing lots of trouble in their site. Many time beginner tries all the theme and they are still not satisfied with them. You need to pay very attention when it comes to choosing the theme it must be simple and loads easily.

Here are some of the  suggestions  that you may need and helpful  for you to figure out

  1. It must look equally good when you put the theme whether in mobile or laptop it should attract the audience within no time from color to text and font as well.
  2. It should be easy to customize and it should be flexible to adapt it according to your need and should cause any problem while loading it.
  3. Make sure that it works smoothly in the popular plugin and doesn’t lag and doesn’t cause trouble for mobile use as well.
  4. It should be optimized for performance and speed optimization should be done.

9. Not Using Pages and Posts Properly

Sometimes beginners of the WordPress user and using posts to create important website pages and sometimes they end up using pages for articles they should have used posts instead. Not having sound knowledge of which page should be used for what purpose.

A lot of users realize their mistake after a while when their website becomes difficult to manage pages are for the static page it includes information contact and other details whereas post pages don’t contain any of this stuff. It  becomes really  important  to  choose  carefully

10. Ignoring Website Speed and Performance 

In most cases, the human attention span drops rapidly and the user wants instant gratification. You have to make sure that your website and performance are fast and you can connect with the readers or the audience immediately  Ignoring the website and performance of your site risk user and it hampers in ranking as well.

Google doesn’t rank well site which is slow and takes time to load. Many times search engines rank faster than the website. Faster internet connection surely make difference and once your site has fast service it will automatically rank good by google so make sure that you keep an eye on the performance of web speed.

11. Not Choosing the Right Plugin

Mainly the beginners are not sure about which plugin is best for them and they keep switching the different types of plugin and after that, they are still not able to choose the right plugin. As well all know that plugin plays an important role without it your blog has no meaning no matter what kind of blog you post and what is the content of your plugin is not right.

So plugin has an impressive role. There are thousands of free word press plug which are free in WordPress you can install within click however not all the plugin are good some are bad and can affect your site so be careful and choose the right plugin.

Some of the tips for choosing the right plugin are as follows

  1. Make sure you install the plugin WordPress.Org Or WordPress companies that have a good reputation.
  2. Look for the plugin reviews from the people how have already used that company plug-in and supports forum because they are good indicators of a plug-in quality.
  3. Make sure you check the WordPress resources like WP Beginner for a plugins recommendation.

Many people use WordPress for blogging, articles, and personal blog it may be anything from cloth to food, travel and other. But they don’t pay attention to the mistake that they are making mistake usually affects the traffic and the engagement can be reduced and if the engagement is reduced then it affects your rating site. Hope this  blog will  help  you to clear out  doubt and queries

11 Common WordPress Mistakes To Avoid

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