6 Keyword Research Mistakes For Your Blog Posts

6 Keyword Research Mistakes — As we all know how important keyword research is without its help, you are not getting any ideas about the niches for your blog. There are various keyword research available if you go and search for it not everyone is perfect and make mistake as well and you make mistake not only.

While choosing themes domain name plugin and other, but you also tend to make mistake while doing keyword research and you have to pay attention to avoid that mistake. What are people searching for and what they are wanting this much is not enough.

The keyword is all too underrated or unappreciated as well because till now it is not able to get the place in the market, which keyword needs and we all are aware of the fact that how much it is important. If you are a blogger or writer, then you need keyword research and find out the niche for yourself for that you need the help of keywords without any doubt, but the fact is that keyword is underrated and not popular as it should be.

All though it is a part of search engine optimization.  And in today’s world, your work is nearly incomplete without search and apart from that, you have to be aware of the fact of so as well. So let us see and figure out what is the mistake that people do and the mistake in their keyword research and what holds them behind getting the traffic they required even after so much hard work and effort.

Sometimes hard work is not only the factor that gives you the traffic it is all about the technique and measure that you need to apply and make sure that you are going through the keyword.

So without wasting the time let’s find out the mistakes any delay!

1. You are being  unrealistic 

Someone said that it is better to have a bigger slice of a few smaller piece of pies rather than not getting even a slighter of a much bigger pie which means that you have to be realistic and you have to search the content that leaves an impact on the mind of competitors and make sure that your content attracts the more readers in your site so that you get lots of traffic and unrealistic content won’t bring you traffic.

Keyword research has to be a very straightforward task you really have to fire up your keyword research tool o choice and find out the related keyword that relates to your industry with the highest search volume. Being realistic is important, sadly many people forget this process and tries to get unrealistic.

Too many business high competition keyword searches are simply out of reach at least in the short and medium-term. Searching for good research is being realistic and select the appropriate keyword for targeting that takes into account at the site.

Targeting one keyword is quite often is also one of the unrealistic but it may also improve unprofitable .there is nothing wrong with targeting generic keyword lower traffic and lower competition keyword might not seem as exciting to target but your these areas fairly and quickly so you have to be realistic because it not only increases the traffic.

But will also help you to and other audience what kind of keyword research is needed to make the content realistic unrealistic content may irritate the readers which will affect the site that you are working on and you make lose the traffic as well. Which you don’t want for sure .so try to be realistic as much as possible don’t go for an unrealistic keyword.

2. You are looking at broad match instead of exact match

This might be sound simple and not cool at the time but when you go and search for the strawberry then you will get the broad range of it different types of strawberry and the size of it.

But you have to do lots of research to get the exact term of the match that you are looking for. You may find broad meaning and broad context. Search volume is of course very important metric when it comes to keyword research but all too often people make the mistake of looking at the metric.

There can be a huge difference in exact match and broad match. There are about  13500 broad matches in search. For eg in the USA, people search about the dog kennel and you may be not searching for that. So it becomes a really important role.

The real problem comes when it comes to the ladies handbag and other various other topics the keyword may sound the same but the result and suggestions may not match. It is widely accepted that the google keyword tool isn’t entirely accurate when it comes to search volume but the exact match gives you the best data and search result.

3. Targetting plural instead of singular

This is one of the common mistakes that people usually do.it is very common to use a website targeting the plural version rather than singular. But people forget that people are searching for singular and people don’t get it .failing to target and get what the audience wants in keyword may is not what people expect from keyword search engine.

You have to be very particular and try to add up singular term rather than plural one mainly research engine targets the plural one .so try to target plural one and wait for the traffic.

4. You are ignoring conversion

As well all know that online world is competitive and it is going to be more competitive in upcoming time without any doubt .the human mind is the only software that is performing in good quality of conversion of an audit of a keyword list because the list there are more programs out there which can filter and sort the keyword.

The keyword makes your life easier no doubt in it. And it has no substitute for any industry experienced and has SEO knowledge a keyword conversion is more complex than that however each since the situation in the market is individual.

the choice of an individual differs from one person to another one and it is much time complicates the thing as well and bloggers too. if you have a goal tracking setup with analytics you can easily determine the highest converting keyword site in your favor using keyword conversion will also help you to get the traffic.

there are some very basic indicators for example prefixes such as buy might be a clear indicator that the traffic from this keyword conversion. So from next time make sure that you will use traffic conversion and avoid this mistake.

5. You are selecting the keyword that is out of contact

Stay in context is really important because if you are out of the context then the chance of getting the traffic will also decrease at the same time. This is more rational to the future keyword research process is one of the most difficult tools to struggle with because most keyword tool is hard to find compute words and their meaning in the human world would be different.

There is a lot of opportunities for the audience who are confused about what should be done and how to remain in content. A keyword is highly helpful because it targets the highly relevant and laser-focused on what business offers as well.  Sometimes people forget what they are up to and forget the content as well.

A good way to search manually for the keyword in google and the result may surprise you as well. You will be able to whether the search you did if your content is reliable or not. Because when you ou gets various niches as well. The keyword applies to the product or service that you intend to target.

Remaining and searching the same content and providing the related search term may be hard for some period of time. so make sure  that  that your keyword research is   based on content

6. You are failing to conduct keyword review

Reviewing is the most important thing about the product and the services because it helps the people to decide whether to go with it or apart from that keyword reviewing is something that people are always looking for and they are eager to know which keyword site is good for them. Reviewing is not only about giving good merits it should contain demerits as well. The aims of keyword review should be:

  1. Weed out poor performing keywords.
  2. Identify opportunities and areas for growth.
  3. Shape your SEO strategy for the future.

The keyword plays an important role and we neglect the things which might be useful. This blog deals with the mistakes that we are doing and not paying attention to keyword searches.

It includes where we should be our focus in keyword research after all the keyword is the place from where we get out niches. I hope this blog will help you solve your queries and doubts about keyword research mistakes.

6 Keyword Research Mistakes

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