6 Mistakes While Choosing Plugins In WordPress

6 Mistakes While Choosing WordPress Plugins — WordPress is the first and one of the most popular choices of global giants like son⁰0y music, MTV, zoom, and other names of the purpose of website Development  .during  the task of development.

No doubt WordPress has opened a huge scope not only for the business purpose but to the writers as well. If you are interested in writing but don’t know where to publish it then WordPress can be for you. Anyone only developer but also writers need to understand the fact that mistake is a common part.

So here we are gonna discuss the 7 mistakes while choosing WordPress plugin. As the plug is the important part and plays a vital role with the out plugin you are not able to add new features and if you are aware of it then the plugin becomes really easy and gains traffic and popularity.

So without wasting any time let’s see the 6 mistakes that we have listed.  It is more important for business people to learn from these mistakes.it becomes a necessity to understand your potential market and work according to that.

And understand how the WordPress plugin works and functions before getting into it.  So let’s see what are the 6 mistakes that people make while choosing the WordPress plugin and how can it be stopped.

 1. Code Compatibility Missing

It is one of the most common mistakes that people do they miss out on compatibility coding. A badly written code or incompatible plugin can cause you a  range of problems that you are not aware of it and the developers are not familiar with it.

You can miss the coding while choosing the coding because later the problem may trouble you and when it comes to you you are not aware of how to deal with it.it is absolutely ridiculous and careless to ignore the code of compatibility.

The compatibility of PHP and WordPress version is the foremost thing that you need to understand and et it for yourself. It is as much as important before writing the 1st line of coding. It must be ensured that the design of the code supports updates that are required as well as a recent version.

So in that way, it becomes important. So that your WordPress plugin doe not gets behind others. Thus it becomes a necessity to have a  clear understanding of your potential market and why it is important to have the knowledge of coding compatibility and you should not miss it.

So make sure whenever you choose the plugin don’t forget to add the code compatibility and see how much this will help you and your site to get the traffic this may look simple and short procedure and you may ignore thinking that it might not be usefully so don’t fall in any trap get the coding compatibility to your WordPress plugin.

This an important step as well so don’t even think to miss it .you may do not have an idea about coding but it solves the many problems in many ways that you may be not able to think of.

2. Switching off the debug mode while development

We all know how important it is for your site to be bug-free less it will cause you troubles and lots of trouble that you aren’t aware of it may slow down your site and many people do this instead of turning on and get worried that their WordPress plugin has some issues, well that’s not the case.

In the case of WordPress plugin development provide the most necessary configuration for the debugging that you can make easy to use.  If you turn on the debug mode then it will aware of the code error and easily enable you to find out the task finding warnings that you should not ignore at any cost.

After you are all set with your plugin make sure you are ready to go with it and it won’t affect the traffic as well. after developing the WordPress plugin locally with the help of the following provided by the various site don’t forget to disable it again.

Most of the developers forget about the de-budding tool which is needed and with these simple mistakes WordPress plugin fails. There is a huge advantage of turning the debug mode on but many times people think that it gives them unnecessary guidelines and warnings which irritates the theme and in that process, they turn it off which is one of the most stupid and childish behavior as well.

So make sure whenever you purchase the plugin you don’t forget to turn on the debug mode on which will benefit you and help you to get the engagement that you required and searching for this time period and you will be able to give them tough competition to the competitors as well and you know well how much important it is to stay in the competition. So don’t turn off debug mode.

3. Wrong Choice Functions Name

Function name plays important role in every sector not only in plugin name but also in the domain name and other various sectors and if you are a plugin developer you must keep in mind that it is silly to trust generic name codes for the plugin.

Iit is likely to create code conflict when other plugin users choose the same name or same format. Distinct and descriptive names must be the 1st choice of the developers to differentiate from other plugin functions.

Most importantly adding the prefixes to the function is the greatest remedy to great engagement and that can be the reason that might attract the readers. but choosing the wrong function name will affect you and your plug.

You need to keep in mind that your plugin name should be unique and simple as well because when the reader read your plugin name that should strike in their brain at once.

If your mind feeds only on the short and simple for the function it may lead your code to poor naming convection. So the wrong function may lead you to unwanted problems be descriptive while choosing it.

4. Ignoring the WordPress Nonces

As well are aware of the fact WordPress keeps their security tight so no data is leaked and their customer doesn’t have to worry about their documents and files as well. There is no doubt  WordPress Security is the best one you have got.

But many times what the users do is that they don’t pay attention to the nonce or warning given by WordPress and as a result, their document gets leaked and they blame the WordPress plugin or the site. It is a quite common mistake that most developers make by focusing only on the security of plugin functionality, not on its safety.

The nonce is generally the security tokens utilization in your code. Each user poses a distinct nonce that shouldn’t be shared with anyone. If you ever face the issue while logging in or any other thing then nonce can be a great help for you.

So next time make sure that you don’t ignore the nonce of WordPress and pay more attention to plugin safety and don’t share the plugin codes with other people it is like bank OTP.

5. No Coding

We all know that how much coding is important especially in the sector of WordPress and on the internet  .many times if you tend to go with high paid services then you don’t require coding and many people don’t give importance to coding while choosing WordPress plugin and it cam is said as one of the common mistakes as well.

It is always suggested to practice organized coding from the stretch of WordPress plugin .always try to focus on maintaining clean plugin codes from the starting of time as well. As it is an important part while inserting plugin

6. Not reviewing with the official WordPress guideline

Many people have the habit of not reading the guideline of any site and agreeing to the terms and conditions which is considered one of the bad habits. when you come and are with a WordPress site and their plugin makes sure you read all the guidelines which will help you in the future.

It is also the great failure of the developers they don’t comply with the WordPress .ord  guidelines. if your plugin includes any amount of error the review team will send you the email to fix it for you.

Not only in the WordPress plugin but reading the guideline is important for all the aspects when you go to download anything. So make sure you read the guideline otherwise you can be trapped if the company is a fraud.

This blog contains  6 steps that are really essential when you choose a WordPress plugin don’t forget to read the guideline make sure you use the coding system switch off the debug mode this are some of the essential which plays an important role. Hope this blog will help you to clear the doubt and curiosity related to  WordPress plugin.

6 Mistakes While Choosing WordPress Plugins

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