7 Tips To Choose Theme For WordPress

7 Tips To Choose Theme For WordPress — When you go for choosing the theme for WordPress you will get 1000s of it without any doubt  .but one thing that will be continuously striking in your mind is that is this theme suitable for my WordPress will it attract the readers or the viewers?

It is difficult to decide, isn’t it? Well, blogging is not about writing only. It is getting more and more popular through your writing and other various stuff that is required for creating a blog it may be a plug-in, domain name theme, etc. There are so many themes that it will require your a day and a half to think and choose about it.

Choosing the right is important because it gives you more content value and engagement in traffic as well. Your chosen theme should be responsive and loads quickly and don’t lag at the same time because people usually don’t like the theme that will lag and takes much time to load. So you have to be very careful while choosing the theme.

Let us have a look at 7 important things you can do will buying themes for WordPress which will save your time and effort while finding out a theme for it.

1. Do make a list of the features that you want ahead of time

Choosing a theme is an important part, but rather than this you need to keep in mind that what kind of feature you want in your theme and the features that you can’t live with. This plays an important role.

The WordPress feature filter makes it super easy to customize your search for free themes based on a specific feature that you required. It may be translation ready. Allowing the flexible header and most importantly design or theme that you want to keep for your blog site and theme.

When it comes to choosing the theme for WordPress less also seems more because it provides you the variety. The theme that you choose will help you to accomplish the goal that you have set for the site or the time.

While choosing the theme keep the feature in your find which will help you and if you are not able to decide the feature then don’t go in a rush to for the.

Go slow and give a think about the feature that you in your theme..but make sure that you add the feature which will add more traffic to your site.

2. Don’t choose a bloated theme

A bloated theme is something that looks cool and attracts the user will give you the traffic as well. But as time pass this bloated theme may get slow and might not attract people. So when you have thought of a bloated theme don’t go with it. A feature that has a rich theme might be nice and look good-looking but it affects the site performance.

When you see the various site theme that went for the bloated theme you can take the example of music company that chooses bloated them and attract the users to choose their application and people goes with it, but they are not aware with the fact slowly but steadily it affects their site and performance as well.

Make sure that you keep your main focus on the performance of your site rather than choosing the theme which may look fancy but gives you a bad performance so slow down your site. These bloated themes are not focused on security and performance.

Be sure to retrain yourself against installing every feature that you think might be cool. Keep your main focus on a simple theme rather bloated one if you want to secure your site and performing without interruption for a longer period of time keep this saying in your mind that not everything that looks like gold may not be gold.

Many times you may fool your eyes by choosing the bloated theme and regret it later for choosing the bloated theme. Because you have to pay for both the theme or the more fascinating theme you choose you have to pay double.

Presentation is an important factor but making them over-hyped may not look at the same time and performance may get low so don’t go with the bloated theme make it simple.

3. Do choose a responsive theme

Responsive theme plays an important role when you go to some site and see the blog is interesting, and the engagement is high but the site took time to load then you will not wait for the blog on that site. It is because the theme of that site is not responding to your command this may irk you as well.

Responsive design no means not only site loading speed but make your site ultra-easy to use not only on the laptop but also on mobile and multiple other devices, this means that it is compatible with mobile and has menus another widget that is easy to navigate look for the other feature like a fluid grid and flexible image that can be easily translated to a non-desktop device.

An example of a responsible theme would be one that easily translates on a mobile device without any interruption. If you pick a theme that you love but isn’t responsive you like then you have to customize it a little bit so it will be responsive and you will get the theme that you like. using a responsive theme will get the traffic and engagement that you want on your site.

4. Do keep color in mind

Choosing a  theme is for WordPress is a part of making a visual impact in the digital platform .remebe most online marketing is based on visual appearance and increases brand recognition as well.  Your color in mind decides the popularity of your blogging site.

If you have got the logo for your brand so try to match that color with the scheme that you provide. If you are trying to decide whether to choose a dark or light color go with the neutral one. Because it will make your logo more interesting rather than choosing a light or dark color. 7 Tips To Choose Theme For WordPress

WordPress makes it super easy to alter the appearance, including a color theme by going directly into the file or entering the custom  CSS.  So keep the color in mind. If you are thinking to go in dark color then it is absolutely a big no because it decreases the quality of readability and the opportunity for the more conventional design element.

So make the color and theme logo that matches your idea and concept that you have in your mind. Keep in mind you are creating a visual design so that it can attract more visitors the more appealing it will go the more you are in profit. So be very particular and conscious while choosing or make the logo or the theme.

5. Go for a premium theme

While buying theme you will get the various theme opportunities some are premium and some are based on monthly pack based. Free themes are based on those who are on a budget but still get some issues as well. Aside from that the quality of coding potentially not being up as well.

Premium themes are dynamic offering more features than the free ones. If you have the thought of going for a free one then you are in the wrong choice. It may be free for some time but ends up affecting the performance of your site .premuim themes are best if because of many reasons as well. Go and check out the themes that are on your budget and the themes are appealing At the same time

6. Don’t Choose a theme with a font that is hard to read

This is one of the most common mistakes that everyone does. They think that choosing the stylish theme will make more traffic and engagement in their site but this thing is not true. People want the stylish and appealing look that is for sure but they won’t come to your site if the theme has a font that is hard to read.

So instead of choosing the theme and font that is hard to read go for the simple and effective theme that will bring more engagement.

7. Do the test of theme thoroughly

When you like the theme you go for that and later find out it is not working for your site then what are you supposed to do. So before selecting a theme make sure that you check that theme with the help of the Theme Check plugin that checks if your theme is up to all current WordPress standards.

You should also consider investing in a hosting solution more importantly remember to choose the theme that is responsive and won’t cause you any trouble while loading the site. Do check your theme before purchasing.

This blog contains the 7  tips to choose themes for WordPress. It includes the things that you should do before purchasing the theme. Hope this blog will help you to solve the doubts and curiosity of your mind.

7 Tips To Choose Theme For WordPress

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