Dyson’s Future Robot Vacuums Might Be Able to Climb Stairs, Open Drawers

As robots continue to integrate more seamlessly into our daily lives and we’ve witnessed a variety of companies develop sophisticated robots that come with a variety of interesting and exciting features. Recently, a patent application has revealed that the well-known UK-based appliance manufacturer Dyson is developing a robotic vacuum cleaner that will walk up and downstairs while cleaning.

Although Dyson has launched several sophisticated robot vacuums previously, this stair climbing model is the first of its kind in the event that it is launched in the marketplace. While the company hasn’t yet created a complete robot but it recently filed a patent application for “tri-star wheels” which could allow a robot to do “off ground” activities that essentially mean that it can climb up to areas of a home that traditional robots aren’t able to reach.

The tri-star wheels are unique and comprise three circular components that are attached to an arm that is actuated. This means that with these wheels attached, Dyson’s newest vacuum cleaning robots might have the ability to ascend up the stairs or high places in a house with ease. Check out the picture below to understand the way that the robot can work inside a home.

Additionally, the tri-star wheel technology, as described in the patent, can allow robots to open drawers or even hold a cup. This is due to the actuated arm in the tri-star design which can let robots reach the hard-to-reach areas of a home.

Dyson states that homes for humans are complex spaces that include numerous elements and obstacles that can make it difficult for robots to reach their maximum potential. But, with this patent, Dyson hopes to create robots that are able to be able to access every corner of a home that are not accessible to current cleaning robots, such as those made by Xiaomi and Realme.

In relation to the accessibility of robots that climb stairs, Dyson says that the tri-star wheels are only the first stage of the robot. It will take sometime before the company launches an automated vacuum cleaner capable of climb upstairs.

VIA: MySmartPrice

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