Poco X3 Pro Explodes Minutes After Charging; Poco Yet to Comment

Although smartphones are now one of the most essential items that we use daily, it’s not an appealing scene when they explode or catch fire close to us or those we love. Although the possibility of smartphones burning or exploding wasn’t usual prior to this, we have seen several gadgets explode in people’s pockets or when charging in the past. A user also said that his Poco X3 Pro exploded only two months after he purchased it. It was first officially introduced within India in the month of March of this year.

The information is from a user whose name is Ammy Bhardwaj. He recently posted on Twitter to tell of his devastating accident. Bhardwaj posted a few photos of his device that had exploded and also said it was his Poco X3 Pro that caught fire and then exploded after disconnecting the charger. Check out his tweet here.

As you observe, the user claims the fact that their Poco phone was completely charged when it was disconnected from the adapter for charging. After just five minutes, he disconnected the phone from charging it was discovered that the Poco X3 Pro caught flames and then was able to explode on the bed of the user. Fortunately, nobody was hurt in the incident. The bedsheet of the victim was destroyed.

Looking at the photos of the damaged device It appears that the battery in the Poco device expanded inside, and then was ignited. Even though there’s no picture of the front of the phone, the back of the phone has been completely destroyed.

Bhardwaj says he contacted Poco’s official customer service handle via Twitter in the aftermath of the incident. Though Poco has responded to his message The user has reported that no further action has been taken with regard to his device.

Poco confirmed that its smartphones are subject to various quality checks prior to their release. But because of the unpredictable nature of the lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, You never know when one will explode, turning your phone into a flaming bar of flame.

Now, if you’re concerned that your smartphone might be ablaze, then take precautionary measures. To begin, don’t leave your device to charge in the same place you sleep. Instead, pay attention to the charging process and the temperature levels of your phone and take it off before the back panel becomes too hot. If you suspect that the battery is getting bigger over time, you should replace it immediately before it explodes and damages your phone.

VIA: 91Mobiles

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