Selecting The Perfect WordPress Theme – 8 Things You Should Consider

Selecting The Perfect WordPress Theme – 8 Things You Should Consider — Many people get excited when it comes to choosing or selecting the WordPress theme Because it is an exciting thing. It attracts eyes and looks very mesmerizing at the same time.

Bloggers know how much presentation is important and they are also aware of the fact that they can do mistakes while choosing the theme. Most of the time beginners feel overwhelmed when it comes to selecting the themes for their WordPress or any other blogging site.

Because each theme looks better than another one and creates the confusion in their mind which one to choose and what will be the consciousness and result of it when they choose the selected it can be paid or free but they don’t think that and go for the theme which attracts theme the most no doubt that WordPress has the best theme for their customer.

Because they are aware of the fact attraction and perfect combination of color, font, size all this makes theme looks much more mesmerizing and that’s the reason why they have got more traffic in their theme than any other site which is good thing know let us look at the o things that you should consider while choosing the theme.

Some tips while choosing the theme

Usually, WordPress is used to create all kinds of websites, but at the same time, it is used for generating themes as well. You can say that a WordPress theme is a complement to your website. For example, if you are starting a blog about food or any other social issue then you want a theme that improves readability.

WordPress comes with tons of customization options but also make sure that you do the proper coding if not done coding you may face changing the theme or the theme that you selected might be locked. For that reason, you need to go with the WordPress plugin and once your theme is locked then no developer will be able to unlock it.

On another hand, WordPress theme might look amazing but at the same time it may slow down your site as well and no one likes the sites that are slow particularly google it won’t rank you on top and this might not be good news for you and the chances of getting high engagement and traffic for your website will be loose.

Your theme is the face of your site and it also plays an important role and you must be aware of the saying that all the glitter is not gold. So you need to pay extra attention and effort while choosing the theme from WordPress or any other website as well.

It is also said that the better theme you have you will get the high engagement well that may not be true in many cases because it may also have some drawback as well so you can go and have a try with free trial often to check out whether that themes work perfectly for you or not. before buying and regretting it later on. Try to have a look then only choose the theme that you want.

1. Strive for simplicity 

As we all know that simple always attracts and is useful for a very long period of time it won’t cause any problem to your site it may not look appealing but surely has got many benefits. WordPress theme comes with a lot of colors, complex layout, flashy animation, and other various things.

Sometimes you may need those thin but not all the time look for a theme that helps you to support your needs to be good-looking but not at the cost of usability and simplicity. Make sure that the theme presentation style is not overly complicated. If a theme looks good but doesn’t help to get new business and subscribers then it is not a good theme.

2. Responsive is not optional anymore

As we know the importance of choosing a theme that is responsive and isn’t slow while loading. A significant number of web traffic is generated from mobile and other handheld devices depending on your website topics .most of the WordPress theme is already responsive by default.

But there are already sellers who are selling fixed-width layout that is not mobile-friendly at all. make sure the theme you are choosing for your website is mobile friendly and responsive and doesn’t slow down while using the website.

At the beginning of time responsive them was important it is important now also but with that theme should be mobile friendly so you must keep in mind that the theme should have less occupancy so when they open in the mobile also.

Responsive is always an option for bloggers and people who develop the theme. The theme should be responsive to both Windows, Android, IOS users as well.

3. Supported plugin

Plugin plays an important role and we all are aware of the role that is played by the plugin and without the help of plugin if the theme is locked then it cant be openness doesn’t matter who much professional team you will hire .so it is really important to choose the supportive plugin.

The real power of WordPress comes with the WordPress plugin .these plugin makes it possible for you to do anything with your website .while there are plenty of plugins that support your site. But some of the must-have plugins are names are WordPress plugin Yoast and various others. Make sure that the WordPress theme supports all your popular plugins.

4. Transalation + Multilingual

As we know that there are 195 countries in the world and they speak different languages they may vary from each other   .a a large number of WordPress sites are not in the English language. You may be creating a website in another language rather than English.

And as well all know that English is an international language and spoken most in the countries rather than another language. Make sure that the WordPress theme is translation ready so the user can use the theme and people will understand it easier to understand.

5. SEO Friendliness

Seo friendliness plays a vital role while choosing a theme and you should keep in mind that a good-looking theme can generate poorly coded  HTML and it could affect your site performance on search engines. But it may be really challenging for beginners to analyze a  theme source code on their own.

This is why many premium WordPress theme developers will let you know that their pages are optimized for SEO. You can also take a look to see if the page generates the proper  HTML 5  by checking it.

6. Page builders

Page builders are WordPress plugin that allows you to create a page layout using drag and drop user interference. This will make it users easy to work and choose the theme using such a page builder to create a landing page that can produce the wanted code. if you ever switch the theme then those pages will need lots of clean up.

So it becomes really important to build a good rapport with the page builder and cleaning up is really necessary for the page or site to function easily  .so  make sure you consider page builder for the theme as well.

7. Browser compatibility

Many people use different types o web browsers to find out the theme, except WordPress and other sites that they offer to you. If your browser is not compatible then the user may face lots of difficulties as well. Your theme may look perfect when selecting at the 1st step.

But once you apply it may not fit perfectly and your browser may not work the way you want so you should pay a little bit extra attention while choosing the theme many developers check the company of the browser while uploading the theme. They may clearly mention this on theirs. Search browser googles, firefox, etc.

8. Support option for when you need help

You should consider the support option if you need help. If you mess up a WordPress theme then you have to figure out it in your own way. Some developers provide excellent support for the free theme for a while, other free themes don’t have provided you support in that case you have to talk with the developers.

Make sure you select a WordPress theme that has good documentation and support system without supporting it’s impossible to work on a theme that you desire or to put it on your site. So make sure you choose the heme with the best support. You shouldn’t hesitate to take help.

Choosing the theme is one of the important steps when it comes to putting it on your site it not only makes it looks attractive but also presentable When readers come to check your article they have an eye on the theme also and decides whether they recommend it to their friend or not. So do consider these 9 steps while choosing the theme. Hope these blog will help to clear your doubt and queries.

Selecting The Perfect WordPress Theme – 8 Things You Should Consider

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