This Backpack Turns into an Airbag During a Crash

If you’re an experienced or regular cyclist, you are aware of the number of injuries a major crash can cause. If you are involved in a crash, the body parts most affected include the chest, shoulders, and head. To help cyclists ensure their upper body is protected in the event of a crash, a company has designed a backpack that transforms automatically into an airbag in the event of a crash in just an instant.

The Commute Air Pro 18, the backpack that looks like a regular one was designed by the US-based brand EVOC Sports. The brand wanted to design an easy and effective safety mechanism for cyclists. Therefore, the Commute Air Pro 18 looks and functions like a normal backpack. However, it has integrated motion sensors.

When a person puts the backpack on their shoulders and then closes the strap around their chests, these sensors will be activated. They observe the motion that is happening on the Commute Air Pro 18 around 1100 times every second.

If the sensors detect extreme movements due to collisions or serious accidents, the backpack will deploy an 18-liter airbag that is inflated in just 0.2 seconds. The airbag is wrapped around the rider’s lower body and covers shoulders as well as the neck, hands, and shoulders.

According to the company, according to the company, the Airbag “reduces the impact forces and braking acceleration (HIC: head injury criterion) on the cyclist by up to 80%.” Furthermore, If the airbag is intact after the crash, it will be put back in the backpack, and riders are able to replace the ignition cartridge to make it a reusable backpack.

Apart from the safety feature in this Commute Air Pro 18 is a fully-fledged backpack that comes with plenty of storage space. With the airbag in the backpack, it is possible to put a laptop inside. Additionally, it comes with small pockets that can be used to store electronic gadgets like smartphones or pairs of headphones, as well as smart glasses. It also has a hip strap that is attached at the bottom, which helps to spread the burden of the backpack over the body of the user.

In the meantime, with regard to the release of the CommuteAir Pro 18, EVOC Sports will start selling it on the market from the Spring of 2022. The device can be sold at EUR900 (~Rs. 78,252). If you think about it that you could buy a good motorbike for the price. But in the case of high-tech safety equipment, it typically requires a significant expense.

If you’re a cyclist, would you consider purchasing the Commute Air Pro 18 at this price? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

VIA: Gizmodo

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