This Hardware-Level Security Solution for SSDs Can Help Prevent Ransomware Attacks

Thanks to the recent advances in data storage technology large companies have huge data centers to store diverse customer and internal data. While companies are implementing multiple security encryptions to secure sensitive data, we have also seen several tech giants, including Acer, Canon, and CD Project Red hit attacked by ransomware in recent times. In order to stop cyber-attacks on businesses as well as the general public A group of researchers has developed a hardware-level security solution for SSDs which can stop ransomware attacks before attacking malware begins to encrypt user data.

Also known as”the” SSD Insider++ technology The latest security tool is able to integrate into SSDs on a hardware level. This means that the ransomware protection feature will be built into SSD drives, and it will automatically detect suspicious encryption actions that aren’t initiated by the user.

In the next section, we will go over some specifics regarding it is said that the SSD Insider++ technology utilizes the built-in mechanisms for writing and deletion in NAND flash to carry out its role of stopping ransomware attacks. It utilizes its SSD controller to examine the activity that the drive is performing. The system will trigger when an encryption process is identified which is not initiated by an authorized user. In this case, the firmware blocks the SSD to accept any requests for writing, which will then stop any encryption processes.

The system informs users of any suspicious encryption activity through its application. It also permits users to retrieve any information that was encrypted prior to the time the system ended the process.

The researchers evaluated the system against WannaCry ransomware and a few of their own ransomware programs. They also note that the SSD InsiderPlus solution boasts an accuracy of 100 percent in detecting attacks with nearly 0 percent FRR/FAR (False Rejection Rate or Fail Acceptance Rate). In many instances, the software could recognize an attack within under 10 seconds.

But, it’s important to mention that even though the system is able to be integrated into the latest SSD drives but it can have a negative impact on the speed of storage devices. According to researchers, using SSD Insider++ SSD Insider++ solution that the latency performance of SSDs reduces by 17 percent, and the maximum capacity of the device is reduced to 8 percent.

The researchers do believe that it’s an appropriate trade-off in order to shield sensitive information from hackers. They also mentioned that they created the security software because the majority of users don’t have any anti-ransomware programs on their computers. Therefore that with the security software in SSD storage devices, the users can be protected with no extra security tools.

“I thought of the idea of firmware-level detection as I’m aware that many users do not have anti-ransomware software installed. So I thought that it would be good if we can protect people not having anti-ransomware installed on their computers by providing them with an anti-ransomware-intrinsic SSD,” said DaeHun Nyang, one of the researchers in the development team and a Ph.D. at Ewha Woman’s University (EWU).

Thus, with SSD Insider+and its integration into the future SSDs users will be safe from ransomware-based attacks by malicious cybercriminals. As the security solution is on its hardware layer, it’ll be difficult for hackers to penetrate it prior to gaining access to one’s system.

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