This Nifty App Adds Windows 7 and Windows 10 Start Menu Back to Windows 11

As we public the release date of Windows 11, various developers are developing tools to modify the OS. Recently, we saw the well-known software firm Stardock launch the Start11 application that will bring back the traditional Start menu UI to Windows 11. Today, StartIsBack, which is an extremely very popular Start replacement application for the previous Windows version, revealed an early version of the app that is compatible with Windows 11. The app will now offer an updated Start Menu and Taskbar design of Windows 10 and Windows 7 with the forthcoming Windows 11 OS.

The brand new StartIsBack Preview for Windows 11 lets users customize their Taskbar appearance and look similar to that of Windows 10 or 7 design. It also includes the traditional design of the system tray of earlier Windows versions and replaces the more modern user interface of the system tray in Windows 11. In addition, users will be able to alter change the Windows icons on the Start menu, and even alter the style of the ribbon in File Explorer. File Explorer.

The title suggests, StartIsBack emphasizes on customization of the Start menu of Windows 11. Thus, using the app users are able to change the Windows 11 Start menu into the Windows 7 Start menu. There are three choices in the Start menu theme: the original Windows 11, Kinda Windows 10, and Remastered Windows 11, Kinda Windows 10 as well as the remastered Windows 7. It is possible to see a side-by-side comparison of the three Start menu themes below.

Kinda Windows 10 | Windows 7 Remastered | Proper Windows 11

Furthermore, it lets users modify the appearance and appearance of the Start menu interface by allowing them to include rounded corners as well as sharp corners. The users can also choose the complete Windows 7 Start design. Additionally, they have the option of changing the Color of their Start menu based on the theme of their system Which is quite amazing.

Furthermore, the creators claim that the application was created to be more efficient in terms of resources over the default Start Menu and Taskbar in Windows 11. This means that, in a fun approach, StartIsBack could actually enhance its performance on Windows 11on laptop or desktop computers. The creators claim that they created this Windows 11 preview app from scratch. Additionally, it can only be compatible with Windows 11.

If you’re a Windows Insider running the latest Windows 11 Beta or Dev version, go over to the official StartIsBack website to download the application. The developer has stated that it runs best on Windows 11 Beta channel rather than the Dev channel. Although the application is free for anyone, it’s important to note that you’ll eventually have to purchase an account after the trial period expires in November.

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