Top 10+ Bloggers In USA

Top 10 Bloggers In USA — Blogging is also taken as writing about something of your interest. It may be diet and fitness, traveling, food, culture, and other various topics. It is not about writing but also earning.

But do what happens if I tell you that blogs can make you famous and you can earn through that various bloggers are earning a lot through blogs and they are famous as well.

They have started various companies and successful at the same time .so let us find out the top 10 bloggers of the USA and learn about their earning as well. This trend has brought new commercial and creative opportunities  for the independent online content creator

1. Arianna Huffington

Arianna is the founder of  Huffington post .she built her business from current affairs commentary blog to full-blown media. when she moved into her current job as a blog training provider devoted to cooperative wellness blogs have always lived or died by their ability to attract readers.

HuffPost excelled on that score with just the right strategy at the right time. huff post has been its scattergun approach to digital content production and distribution. The platform has typically been posted from  600-1000 articles per day. So Arianna Huffington is one of the famous bloggers and she  has definitely inspired many people as a blogger   and to choose to blog as a profession

2. Peter Rojas 

It was founded by Peter covers the blog topic such as tech topics blog, gaming, robotics, search engine, and wearable gadgets. Peter Rojas is the former editor of Gizmodo. This is a blog that has learned what works best for the commercially and pushed ahead with approach your blog targets the affiliate commission or other revenue source and you can learn.

Peter Rojas has started his career with blogs and blogs about different topics in the Engadget as well. The income of Peter Rojas is $47.5 million. Engadget is also now renamed, Dana Wollman.

3. Moz (Randfishkin)

Moz was founded by the rad blogs about the topic such as case industry, industry report, and an educational blog series presented by  Rand Fishkin. It is a highly influential blog bit content more than content and content marketing as well.

It is one of the leading platforms. blogging isn’t Moz’s core product but still, Moz is one o the highest earner blog as well. Moz has shown how the product can be sell using the blogging platform and create your own site .so the rand Fishkin one of the highest earner blogger

4. Peter Cashmore

Peter is the founder of the top blogging site named Mashable. It mostly covers blogs related to technology business and entertainment. Then when the blog is related to entertainment and stuff it attracts more traffic and engagement to your site.

His net worth is 20milllion dollars. Mashable is listed in Technorati as the top 10 best blogs that you can read. It also includes the blog of social content as well So people are more tended to like him and his blogs. Peter Cashmore is one of the top bloggers in the US.

5. Michale Arrington

Michale is the founder of tech crunch which is one of the top-ranked blogs in us. His website or the blog site only covers the blog that is related to technologies and it is also one of the most loved techno blogs sites as well. Tech crunch not only covers the blogs related to techno but it also covers the blog of internet startup and news as well.

He has a net worth of 15 million dollars and he is also one of the top bloggers in the Us. And has different sites rather than TechCrunch.He is a well-known name when it comes to blogging or bloggers.

6. Abby Lawson

Abby and Dawny Lawson run the blog just a girl and her blog is related to lifestyle and organization and productivity blog. Their blog is much more focused on lifestyle and another successful blog that people generally look for. They are providing more entertainment blog series than educational ones.

Their monthly income is $41000 per month. 65% of their income is from affiliating marketing and promoting the products like convert kit and another one as well. Abby is one of the highest-paid bloggers in the US.

7. Trevor and Jennifer Depth

Trevor and Jennifer Depth are the couple that owns a blog named as to show me the yummy. Which is a popular recipe. Their best part about the blog is the photography skills they have and they use them appropriately. their 55 % percent of income is from advertising the products sponsor post and freelancing as well.

They also have got some amazing videos on Facebook which is worth watching it. Their monthly income is $80,000 per month. Apart from that they are also one of the top bloggers in the US and have trafficked in their site as well.

8. Steve and Jennifer Chou

Steve and Jennifer chou are another couples of bloggers that blog about how to make money online with an e-commerce store and other platforms. Their main income source is they sell their own digital product on starting a successful e-commerce store.

They share the powerful and relatable story in which visitors connect with them easily. The basis of the couple coming to the blogging platform was because Jeniffer wanted to quit her job and spend quality time with their children.

Now both of them earn from their blogging site and raise the children exactly the way they want. They are also one of the top bloggers in the Us And their monthly income is $80000 per month.

9. Jon Morrow

Jon Morrow is one of the top bloggers in the USA. He teaches other bloggers how to succeed in blogging platforms which gives chance to a new blogger to perform well in their blogging. His blogs make money through affiliating marketing products that help people to sell their own digital products online.

But unfortunately, he is bound to a wheelchair and can feel his face only. Despite this, he is a millionaire and traveled the various countries throughout his blogging career. His monthly income is $100000 per month.

10. Sarah Titus

Sarah Titus’ blog is mainly focused on everything related to mom’s life and helping the moms to make money from home. Sarah makes money from selling the printables in her online store. In her blog post, you can find her personal experience and her.

Sarah shares share a deep and intimate connection with her reader and that is the power of her writing and people can feel her blogs personally as well. Although she is also one of the top bloggers in the US. Her monthly income is $200000 per month.

11. Rose Marie Groner

Rosemarie is one of the bloggers who is engaged with a busy budgeter where she posts about money, dinner ideas, budget, and everything related to the mom. She makes her money around 40% through a mix of sponsored content affiliates and ads as well and 60% from her own different products by selling online.

Rosy Marie has a very deep understanding of her audience. She also understands the power of insane blogging and she has got the power to make her audience go through her blog .she is one of the bloggers famous and her monthly income is $86000 per month.

12. Lindsay and Bjork

They are the people who run two blogs named pinch of yum and the other one is food blogger pro where they make the recipe and show it to the people how you can earn money with the recipe blog. They make 50%of their money from advertising and 20% from a sponsored post.

They were some of the 1st food bloggers to reveal their income so that their visitors or reader can understand the power of food blogging. people who followed them for food recipes know to want to learn to make a recipe for a food post. Their monthly income is $90000 per month.

13. Alborz Fallah

Alborz Fallah is one of the bloggers who gets his earning by blogging different varieties of cars .he turned his passion for cars into his income way through the help of blogging and he knows when it comes to cars people are quite passionate about it.

People like to change the car quite often so they keep on checking different car varieties.  He mainly learned through advertising and sponsorship with brand .he is one of the highest-paid bloggers. his monthly income is  $125000 and he is quite popular as well.

They are some of the top bloggers who are getting paid monthly. That the reason why people are much more interested in the blogging platform. Alborz Fallah, Arianna, Sarah Titus they are mother bloggers as well who proved mothers can earn from home as well and take care of their child and earn at the same time.

Blogging has opened lots of opportunities for many people. Hope this blog will help you to solve your curiosity and doubts as well. So it is proved that blogging can be done by anyone all you need are techniques as well.

Top 10 Bloggers In USA

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