Twitter Communities Lets You Tweet in Interest-Based Groups

Twitter has announced Communities interesting new feature which is largely similar to the features you’ll find with Facebook Subreddits and Groups on Reddit. Instead of sending tweets to your friends, Communities lets you share your thoughts via tweets and express your views to an audience of like-minded people.

Twitter Communities Launched to Take on Facebook Groups

Twitter Communities are open to the public, but there’s an additional limitation. Although you can browse all tweets posted in a Community, users require an invitation to join in the discussions at the very least, for the moment. The member will receive five invites, which will allow them to bring additional participants.

The Twitter Community will have a single administrator and multiple moderators. Like you’d imagine, the duties of moderators include inviting and managing users, managing tweets, and creating discussion. If you’re interested in becoming a moderator, you can talk to an admin of the Community admin to apply to be a moderator.

Tweets you make within a Community are not displayed on your Twitter profile. Additionally, your followers will not be able to see your Community tweets on their feeds on Twitter. The members who are part of the community will see your tweets as feeds and will be able to browse through them in the Community. The communities that are inactive status are AstroTwitter, SoleFood, and Climate & Weather. If you’d like to create your own community, fill this form to start a new Community.

There will be a brand newly-created Community section available on Twitter to iOS and on the web after you’ve joined a Community. This feature is currently accessible as a read-only feature on Android. But, Twitter promises to make Communities fully available on Android in the near future.

The introduction of Twitter Communities comes just after the company began to test edge-to-edge timeline designs for iOS devices. Although the Communities are accessible to all it will be fascinating to observe how the company is able to stop hate speech and spread misinformation.

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